Europe Between the Wars
'Professor Kitchen is altogether a shrewd, clear, balanced and often witty guide.' The Times Educational Supplement Martin Kitchen’s compelling account of Europe between the wars sets the twenty-year crisis within the context of the profound sense of cultural malaise shared by many philosophers and artists, the economic crises that plagued a Europe ruined by war and the social upheavals caused by widespread unemployment and grinding poverty amid a noticeable improvement of living standards.
Pret: 154.00 RON
Marketing Communications, 4ed
Marketing Communications: engagement, strategies and practice uses theoretical frameworks and a wealth of examples to encourage students to adopt an analytical and reflective approach to the subject. Unlike most competing texts that describe the ‘How’ behind Marketing Communications, this book provides the ‘Why’ behind Marketing Communications.
Pret: 163.00 RON
History and Historians
For undergraduate and graduate courses in Historiography and Historical Method. Also an ideal supplemental text for Western Civilization and Intellectual History courses.
Pret: 179.00 RON
Business Ethics and Values
Business Ethics and Values introduces students to the complexities and principles of ethical issues by focusing on developing ethical awareness and the ability to argue business ethics matters.
Pret: 190.00 RON
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